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Grand Junction Home Inspection Checklist

Grand Junction Home Inspection Checklist If you are looking to sell your property, make sure to keep a Grand Junction home inspection checklist handy. Factors to check include foundation, exteriors, interiors, appliances, and more. You can sell your house faster when you can tell buyers that it has been professionally inspected. Inspection Facilitators Inc. offers unbiased inspections and can declare integrity and goodwill on you as a seller. Call us at 970.858.1801.  

If you are buying a house—especially an old structure—then you definitely need to hire an inspector. A thorough and professional inspection can help you avoid expensive problems down the road, from leaky plumbing to faulty electrical wires. If you think that you can inspect a Grand Junction house all by yourself, then you haven’t seen a home inspection checklist. 
Inspecting a home requires special skills that you probably don’t have, unless you have an extensive background in engineering, plumbing, and electrical. Only seasoned professional inspectors can spot hidden pitfalls that are often missed by people without home inspection training. Think of home inspectors as detectives—they can look beyond the surface to uncover existing and potential issues so that you can make an informed purchasing decision. 
Are you buying a home in Grand Junction? Contact Inspection Facilitators Inc. Our company has been in the business of inspecting residential and commercial property for years. We guarantee an unbiased survey of a property, so you can make sure that you are getting all the information you need before you buy that Grand Junction home.  Our inspection checklist is thorough and comprehensive. We will inspect the foundation, electrical and plumbing as well as HVAC systems, garage, fixed appliances, interiors, exteriors, and sprinkler systems.  Additional inspections such as lead paint testing, septic system, and radon gas can also be provided. If you require our service, just call us at 970.858.1801 or 970.250.9294.
Grand Junction Home Inspection Checklist

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